This is a Custom CAD 7-Axis Overhead Gantry Automation Cell that will Precisley Position & Feed a Workpiece Media to the Table, then Cycling a Brazing Torch Left/Right finally Disarming & Retracting the Brazing Torch prepared now immediatley for the application of Alumiweld Rod by the Operator.

This 7-th Axis head uses an additional 3-Axis of G-Code Loops that are controlled in a Sequence of Animation among Gas Sensors, Oxy Propane Plumbing, Gas Solenoids, Ignition Coils,  Spark Plugs, Video Cameras & Operator Confirmation to a Flexible Brazing Tip on the Stages 2-Axis X&Z Brazing Tip Holder which moves the Brazing Tip Up & Down, Left & Right in order to engage & then braze the Workpiece.

Simply put it is a Little 3-Axis Nema-17 CNC Machine mounted on the 4th Axis of a Big Nema-23 CNC Machine with the All in-One 9-Axis LinuxCNC MESA Controller.

The Advanced Level of 3D CAD Modeling was blindly sourced from the Engineering Goal and developed from those contingencies through the 3D CAD Software as being the only convention capable of developing the Engineering Goal.  The 3D CAD Modeler & Software they use to achieve the goal is the valuable asset in this case of “Custom CAD Manufacturing & Innovation”.

The Slotted Interchange Bearing Hub on the top of the Head has a 1.5″ Through Hub for routing all required Utilities of Gas, Water, Air, Oil, DC & AC.  Vaccums External to Hub.

On the Stages Backside Internal Frame attaches a Set of Different Sized Magazines that Hold a Inventory of Sprung Workpiece Media “Aluminum Flats” and is used by the 5th Axis Plunger to Dispense, Feed & Slide the Media through the Guide to the Table.  The Magazine uses a Precision Spring & the 5th Axis Nema-17 Feeder uses a Plunger with a Multi-Level Slot, Guide & Slider.   A complex Advanced Level 3D CAD Model of Manufacturing Automation.

The Head Rotates on C, Positions in  XYZ & uses a 5th Axis G-Code Loop to Auto Feed in Exact Place an Aluminum Flat to then Auto Brazed by a 6th & 7th Axis G-Code Loop which engages the Brazing Tip Height to the Workpiece on the Aluminum Table Top & then Cycles the Brazing Tip Left/Right heating the Aluminum in preparation for Alumiweld Application by the Operator.

1-16+ TIG Jointed Frame.

Prospectus Employers for Receipt of Goals in Custom CAD CAM CNC Manufacturing Automation & Engineering: 

  • Automated 9-Axis:
    • Manufacturing Line, Cells, Tables & Conveyors.
    • Overhead or Ceiling Mounted Gantry with
      • Tooling:
        • Custom CAD Tools:
          • Dispenser
          • Feeder
          • PVC Welding
          • Packaging
          • Inspection
          • Anything Custom CAD Automation
        • Pneumatic Air Tools
          • Spray Paint Booth
          • Air Saws
        • Common Tools AC/DC
      • Gantry
        • 3rd, 4th & 5Th Axis
        • Robotic Arm
    • Contingencies:
      • PLC = Pinout & LIteracy in PLC Software Code
      • VFD = Pinout, Literacy & Avoid all High Voltage Failures.
      • Regulatory  Certifications & Licenses
    • Reference:

Permanent License of Siemens Solid Edge & NX Cam Pro 2.5 Axis

Add-On License for NX CAM Custom Anything Machine Tool & Simulation

Add-On License for NX CAM Robotic Automation

Add-On License for NX CAM 5th Axis Head