Included with my Employment Salary is One CNC Machine & One Permanent License of Siemens SE & NX CAM 2.5.

  • Include One CNC-Tramway Overhead Gantry that needs a new home.
    • Optionally my CNC Machine Frame could be installed in the Employers Work Enviroment & then used by the Employer for the Term of my Employment Calendar. 

Include One Licensed Seat of each seperatley:

  • Siemens Solid Edge Foundation

  • Siemens NX CAM Pro 2.5 Axis

    • Siemens NX contended to 2.5 Axis Toolpaths.

  • Both bundled together as SE426

    • SE426 reviewed at about $2500 Permanent License to be a excellent Shop Value capable of designing & driving the entire 3D CAD CAM CNC Automation with Generic Motion Control & 2.5 Axis Post Processing without needing any further Add-Ons. 

    • I can adapt &  Work under the Employers Rhino, SolidWorks, MasterCAM or AutoCAD License


    • Un-Certified & employed under the Regulatory Compliance of the Shops Official Licensed Certification:

      • I could be qualified to develop

        • Certified Engineering Automation:

          • As a Un-Certified 3D CAD CAM Developer

        • Uncertified Engineering Automation:

          • The Machineery does not require a Engineering Certificate for Compliance

        • Budget Oriented Automation:

          • Automation is Very Expensive with alof of opporutunity to waste money & I am priority efficient with avoiding High Cost in Design & Shopping with Manufacturing Automation.

        • I am a Bargain Value for the Certified Compliant employer

          • For the Cheaper Un-Certified Salary, I am the Proffesional Level CAD CAM Robotic Developer.

      • The Employer instead of buying a Expensive Name Brand CNC Machine,

        • would hire me and adapt my Portfolios of Custom CAD Machine Design

          • into the Receipt of their own Same Custom Machine & Manufacturing Goals.

        • I can offer the Employer

          • the Same machine as shown in Portfolios

            • Simple all the Bolt Patterns & Dimensions are already finished.

          • An updated machine with custom specifications.

            • Investment new Bolt Patterns & Dimensions yet to be developed.

          • All of my Portfolios & Software would be Offered

            • for adapting to the Employers Goals & Portfolio. 

      • Work Ethic:

        • 24/7 Self Starting Self Learning Multi-Tasker

        • 3D CAD Power Modeler

        • 25 year Experienced 3D CAD Modeler may export Skillset to any 3D CAD CAM Software and achieve same 24/7 Super Student Results.


Include License of Solid Edge & Cam Pro 2.5