3rd Axis Z Head has matched Bolt Patterns fitting 3x Different Spindle Mounts from 800W, 1.5Kw & 2.2Kw Size Spindles for a Simple 3-Axis Spindle or Router Setup.

4th Axis C-Head mounts to bottom of Z

    • C-Head Rotates 360 with 4th Axis Indexing & a Through Hub with Bearing that can Route Utilities to the Head.  
    • A Slotted Hub Plate Interchanges any Head to the bottom of C. 

5th Axis Head Interchanges into the 4th-Axis C-Head & routes Utilities through the Bearings & Hubs to the

  • B-Head 5th Axis Indexing Mount Plate
    • which can interchange any Reasonably Fitting Attachment.
      • Spindles, Extruders & Dispener
      • Brazing & Welding
      • Common Tools and Saws
      • Custom CAD Anything on 5th B
    • 800 Watt Water Cooled Spindle
      • planned 3″ – 6″ Foam Cutting Drill Bit
      • 100% Sealed from all Dust & Foam Particulate matter
      • Smallest available version of Water Cooled Spindles
    • High Temperature Brazing Specification
      • Metal Gear Trains and Bearings.
        • No Rubber Belts or Plastic
    • will be Re-Vised & Updated at least once before Version 2

Custom CAD Tools may be Interchanged into the 4th-Axis C-Head

  • 7th Axis Automation Stage Head with Oxy Propane Brazing

Any Common Tool Favor of Pneumatic

  • may be drawn in 3D CAD, 
  • Interchanged into the Head 
  • Driven with CAM

AC/DC Hand Tools can be override of the Workpiece, Feed, Speed

    • jamming the Electric Motor & Fail
    • A Pneumatic Air tool is advised